(Hive Symbuzzium Series) Social Media: Trust Marketing

Social Media: Trust Marketing Workshop with Robert Wright
Wednesday September 30, 5:30-7:30pm at the Hive Paonia
Presented by The Hive Paonia, Region 10, and Delta County Economic Development

This Internet marketing session is about how Social Media is used, to build trust and "pull/attract" consumers to a brand, product or service. The social media phenomenon is unlike previous "push marketing" methods of the the past. Come and learn how to use social media to build brand awareness and trust before asking for a prospects money. Learn what works and what fails.

Mr Web Guru, Robert Wright has spent more than two decades managing offline and online sales. In 1997, he started teaching himself SEO and Internet Marketing, and has since attended dozens of world-class trainings and accrued numerous certifications. In 2002 he launched mrwebguru.com, his business through which he now serves a broad range of both international and local clientele.

The seventh of eight Hive Symbuzzium classes on Internet Marketing at the Hive will prepare you for the tasks that will be most rewarded in your efforts to be found and do business online.

Full Series Schedule - Last Wed of the month 
Wed March 27 "In the Beginning" - The Formation and History of the Internet.
Wed April 29 "Introduction to Internet Marketing" - Basic Concepts, Popular Methods and Essential Strategies.
Wed May 27 "Websites that Work!" - Understanding Design for Usability, Findability and Conversion
Wed June 24 "Live Website Clinic" - Focus on Design
Wed July 29 "Search Engine Optimization" Using Keyword Forensics, Competitive Intelligence, Server & Historical Data to focus your content and appease search engine algorithms.
Wed August 26 "Let's Promote It" - Paid vs. Organic... PPC/Advertising, Branding, Reputation, Authority, Links, Content, Blogging (Wordpress), tracking and analytics.
Wed September 30 "Trust Marketing with Social Media" - Why be Social in Business? Separating Commercial from Social while integrating Social into Commercial.
Wed October 28 "Live Website Clinic" - Focus on Marketing.

Please note that the Hive has a 5 Participant Minimum Workshop Policy. Workshops will only take place if 5 or more people register online in advance. This is incentive to sign up, commit to your own learning, and invite your friends to join you! If we don't have 5 people 24 hours before, the workshop leader may email you to cancel the workshop.


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