Work Sprint: Clean Up Your Email

Hive Member Work Sprint Wed Oct 21: Clean Up Your Email Inbox

Work Sprints Every Wednesday 12pm-1pm
Nectar Meeting Room at the Hive

Amidst an endless barrage of digital distractions, it’s sometimes hard to get in some good healthy focus time. During Work Sprints, Hive Members gather to set aside some time to really focus on what we need to get done and keep each other in line so we’re not tempted to stray. As a Hive Member, you can join for a Work Sprint or run your own whenever you’d like. It’s super simple but extremely powerful.

Join us for a Work Sprint on Wed Oct 21 where we will clean up our messy email inboxes. 

All Hive Members & their Guests are invited. No need to RSVP. Just add it to your calendar and show up ready to run!Hive Members: To run a Work Sprint, email your ideas to!

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