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Joanna is the Queen Bee at the Hive, perpetually facilitating the buzz. She coordinates members, organizes workshops and events, manages the website, curates the Hive's art gallery, and fills in holes in the honey comb.

Originally from Maryland, she first came to Paonia in 2013 while walking across Colorado and picking up roadside litter with a group of eco-activist friends.

Prior to taking the throne at the Hive, she developed sustainability programs & policies for Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland and led river stewardship and recycling programs for the Western Slope Conservation Center.

Outside of the co-working colony, Joanna enjoys the character of the people and potluck dishes of Paonia, frolicking in the wilderness, playing music, and practicing yoga. She is also a DJ at the local radio station, KVNF, and the Art Librarian for Paonia's Community Supported Art Library.

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