Ben Lehman [Ben/Bobcat]

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"Life and photography are both incredible journeys that offer us unimaginable opportunities for growth and adventure. To share those vital experiences with others is the simplest expression of my goal and purpose." - R. Ben Lehman

Ben is an explorer, photographer, educator, survivor, storyteller, sustainability enthusiast, yoga practitioner, wilderness guide, and inquisitive goofball.

What can he do for you?


-Create compelling and aesthetically pleasing images to tell your story, show off your work, capture your special event, attract customers to and highlight your business or location, enhance the beauty of your living or workspace, and more!

-Affordably shoot and edit HD videos for your business, personal profile, special event, etc.

-Teach you how to use your fancy or not-so-fancy camera effectively and creatively so that you can craft the kinds of images you'll be proud to show off.

-Take you, your friends, and loved ones on an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable trip into the wilds and show you how to capture the beauty of the world with your camera, smartphone, whatever you like!


-Craft letters into words into sentences and paragraphs that articulate your message and enhance your ability to tell your story effectively.

-Edit your own words so that they are clearer, more concise, smarter, articulate, and effective.


-Show you all the reasons there are to smile and dance and laugh. Seriously. Life is good. If you've forgotten, I'm happy to help remind you ; )

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